Infrared Heater with Air Purifier by EcoSunTec

EcoSunTec IAP-1000

Our state of the art portable 2-in-1 one ceramic infrared heater with year round air purifier featuring a timer, remote control and thermostat.

You’ll love our 2-in-1 portable ceramic infrared heater for its year round use. In the winter, use it as a space heater with uv air purification. In the warmer months, use it for air circulation and POC air purification technology that kills germs while eliminating odors.

Users enjoy the convenience of the wireless remote control that can be operated from across the room before you get out of bed to make the room toasty before you get dressed.

The grill glows red when you’re using the unit as a heater and cool blue when using it for air purification and circulation.

EcoSunTec Infrared Heater

EcoSunTec IMAP-1000

The world’s most advanced 3-in-1 portable ceramic infrared heater with humidifier, air purification, thermostat, remote control and timer.

This product is the ultimate 3-in-1 ceramic infrared heater with UV air purification and humidifier which help to maintain the normal moisture level which benefit your breathing passages and skin. In the winter, enjoy the same infrared heat that warms the earth from the sun’s rays while using the humidifier to make the heat feel even warmer and have the air purifier kill germs in the air. In the summers, use it as an air purifier and to create air circulation.

You’ll also have complete control of the unit from across the room with a handheld remote control enabling you to access the timer, humidifier, heating level and more.

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