EcoSunTec, LLC was formed in May, 2009. Prior to starting this company, one of the two partners spent several years developing the infrared heater market. He was the first to combine moisture and air purification in the same unit housing an infrared heater. He also was one of the first to market the Positive Thermal Coefficient ceramic heat element departing from quartz bulb technology.

After several years of wholeselling to leading infrared heater companies, he decided to distribute direct to dealers under the EcoSunTec brand. In forming the company, he joined a lifelong friend and established the business in their hometown of Lexington, SC. EcoSunTec sells direct via the internet and through dealers on a nationwide basis.

EcoSunTec’s goal to provide a quality product at a reasonable price coupled with first class customer service. This is being accomplished through the growth of their dealer network.