Is this heater like the one on TV?

YES, and it’s even better. Not only does this heater produce quality infrared heat, it cleans and purifies the air that flows through the unit. The humidifier (IMAP-1000), operation optional, can actually add humidity to the air, thereby making the temperature feel warmer than its actual reading. It adds to your health by not drying out your sinuses or drying out your skin – provides therapeutic heat. You get the same quality infrared heat with two additional features, AIR PURIFICATION and a HUMIDIFIER, at a lower price. The IAP-1000 provides heat and air purification. The EST-1000 provides quality infrared heat.

What is the difference between quartz bulb and ceramic infrared heat?

First of all, infrared heat is infrared heat regardless of how it is produced. Early on the quartz bulbs resembled the lights on the outside of houses to light the yard. They have improved in size to about eight inches long and about as big around as your index finger, a tube like look.  Replacement cost can be expensive. The ceramic heat elements are wrapped in metal for ultimate protection against cracking which is common among quartz bulbs. It has proven to be extremely durable and economical to operate. For example, quality saunas in today’s market utilize ceramic infrared technology – this speaks volumes about ceramic versus quartz bulb infrared technology.

How much does it cost to operate the EcoSunTec infrared heaters?

If an infrared heater (Brand A) is using approximately 1500 watts to power the unit and if a competitive infrared heater (Brand B) is using approximately 1500 watts to power itself, then the cost to operate the heaters is approximately the same – 1500 watts usage is 1500 watts usage. The cost to operate a unit has two variables, the power consumption and the cost per KWH from the electric company. The IMAP – 1000 cost of operation is approximately as follows: 1500W, $.13-$.15/hour; 1100W, $.10-$.12/hour; 650W, $.05-$.07/hour. The same would be true for the IAP-1000. The EST-1000 operates only at 1500 watts.